VFX Supervisor Mark Curtis joined Framestore

VFX Supervisor Mark Curtis joined Framestore

VFX Supervisor Mark Curtis joined Framestore

After several years at MPC and Industrial Light & Magic taking care of the effects of films like FURIOUS 7, SPECTRE, THE MUMMY and A WRINKLE IN TIME, Mark Curtis has joined the teams of Framestore in Montreal.

What is your background? 
After leaving high school I flirted with being a traditional artist and spent a year at Art School in Oxford before the draw of VFX became too strong and I turned my back on fine art for a career in Film which lead me to apply for a place at Bournemouth University. I started out imagining that I would become a character animator but was eventually seduced by the joy of creating beautiful, polished images and transitioned to Compositing. After completing my undergrad and MA at Bournemouth I started as a Junior Compositor at MPC in London. Over the years I was given opportunities to progress and worked my way up to Compositing Supervisor before making the jump across the Atlantic to Vancouver and eventually becoming a VFX Supe and then eventually jumping to ILM.

What is your first memory as a VFX Supervisor?
My first ever show was pretty small and certainly was not your average VFX project. With no client side Supervisor I was dropped in to a totally alien environment. My first memory is walking into my first meeting with the Director and Producers wondering what I was walking into and how I was going to figure it out. While you do get used to and comfortable with the responsibilities that come with a new role, theres always something new and exciting that gives you those first-day butterflies and thats one of the really cool things about working in VFX….. there will always be something to take you out of your comfort zone.

What is your favorite part of being a VFX Supervisor?
Working with talented and fun people. A lot of VFX is problem solving and what I enjoy the most is the process of working within a team to figure it out together. Solving problems, overcoming challenges and ultimately the satisfaction of creating great work is that much sweeter when its shared with a team that you love working with.

What are your expectations about Framestore and Montreal?
I’m looking forward to being a part of Framestore’s incredible team, to working with amazing artists and to contributing to Framestore’s impressive history of outstanding Visual Effects.

What will be your first project at Framestore Montreal?
My first show will be Tom and Jerry and I’m incredibly excited by the prospect of working on a show involving one of my seminal childhood influences.

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