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Motion Design

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A.A. Studios is a boutique-style visual effects and computer animation service house. The company, based in Montreal, Canada, offers a wide range of production services for film, television, and virtual reality. A.A. Studios is built around a strong…

Alien Hand — Minsk, Belarus based visual effects & сomputer graphics digital production company. We specialize in creating the advanced post production services for commercials, feature films and TV shows INFORMATIONS Size: 11-50 Awards:…

Alps VFX is a visual effects studio, based in Turin, in Italy, right at the base of some of the greatest Alps. Our mission is to provide high quality digital effects for feature films, TV series, commercial and music videos. INFORMATIONS Size: 0…

Black Math was born in 2012 and outgrew its “above Wendy’s” location in just a few years. We upgraded to a re-purposed textile loft in Chinatown, where the food is better and where we have room to build elaborate sets without displacing…